“No Need for Speed” Game

Hi guys

Below is the link of my game first draft. Basically, you will go through car accidents scenarios in which you need to take a proper decision. In my next draft, I will add a score system to the game. Enjoy the game and learn from it!

Final Draft (Play This One): https://ufile.io/osipu

First Draft: http://bit.do/No-Need-for-Speed


6 thoughts on ““No Need for Speed” Game

  1. I love this game. I love the background music that puts you in the mood and I just want to know how you have researched the scenarios (some of them are obvious, some not – but you need to provide links to references?).

    I was confused slightly by one of them about giving right of way to the person on your “right” (sounds like what you do if you are driving in England but not in countries where drivers sit on the left??)

    There are also some links that are not working… there was one where I found myself somewhere that does not make sense (near the end…) so just check that all your links go to the right places and perhaps have links of “return to this scenario from the beginning” or something? I probably clicked something wrong that led me to the wrong place, but just to be sure, check all your links.

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    1. I used the driving test website to research most of the scenarios I put in the game. Some links were used in order to gain a general background about car accidents and what causes them. Others were used to get the statistics in the model answer parts of the game after the player makes a decision. In fact, two players told me about the confusing scenario which was the intersection one. I will change this scenario in the final draft or I’ll make it clearer. For the references, all of them are working, I have tested them again. I actually used all of them, not necessary in the game, but, as I mentioned, to get a background about my study and research.

      I think the one that confused you is this one: https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/accidentreports/pages/highway.aspx

      You can investigate the home page here of the NTSB: https://www.ntsb.gov/Pages/default.aspx
      It has reports about accidents and public safety. Also it has recent news about such accidents.


  2. oh – also, I realized that some of the questions are just “good driving” and some might relate to traffic laws or conventions of certain countries (I think!) so can you check those (like the example I gave about right of way earlier)

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  3. This is a very interesting game. i love the element of awareness implemented within it. I also like the background music, it’s making me feel like I am in the mood. The information and the tips are extremely crucial. It is also cognitively engaging. I like how it implements both, tips to avoid accidents, and also tips on laws or rules while driving. However, I suggest that the background colour should be different. Maybe implement something related to the question itself. Much research was conducted, and this is something impressive.

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